Medical Malpractice Insurance that Pays You!

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Ask Yourself.

What do I get for my Medical Malpractice Payments?

What if you could:

- Earn interest on your premiums!

- Legally receive up to 70% return of your premium payments back.

- Bring revenue back to your practice even if claims are filed against you!

MONEY in Your POCKET. Does this interest you?

With a UCIC Excess Medical Malpractice Policy: 

  • You Qualify for Affordable Rates and Pay No Fees to be in our program.

  • You Get 70% of Your Premium Back Plus Interest once your premium is no longer at risk.

  • Your Policy is 100% Tax Deductible.

  • Get a 40% Tax Break and 70% of Premium Plus Interest Back to You. (110% financial benefit)

  • Your UCIC Policy PAYS YOU for Your Good Claims Experience.

  • Get Your Premium Back at Capital Gains Rate or Personal Income Tax Rate. You decide!

  • You Get to Share in the Underwriting Profits.

  • You Get Interest Earned on the Money in the Captive.

  • UCIC Pays the Audit and Management Fees. No Extra Charges to You.

  • UCIC Pays for Reinsurance that further Protects the Captive Funds.

  • UCIC Pays Your Excise Taxes.

Only a UCIC professional liability policy has this much financial power.

Each Day You Wait Costs You Money!

Wouldn’t Thousands in Potential Savings be Worth 10 minutes?

Request your Free Online Quote Today

Call: 971-231-4971


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