About Michael Allen

Who is Michael Allen?

Michael Allen

Philosophy 1:

Observer, Listener, Analyst, Father, and since the age of 10, a consultative sales professional. Yes, you did read that correctly. Mike’s parents had him out in the driveway selling antiques! He quickly discovered this lesson……

 “If you give the customer more than they want, they will close the sale themselves.”

Philosophy 2:

“If you listen to people and observe their actions, you learn about them. This must occur so you may serve them”

When you learn about people then you gradually begin to understand what is important to them. This is the foundation of consultative selling. If we work with you to identify your needs, wants, desires, and motivations, we can guide you towards solutions that satisfy today’s needs as well as preparing you for future needs and wants whether personal or professional.

Beyond family, Michael has two guiding passions that led to Captive Medical Solutions.

1) Social Media is changing the face of healthcare faster than Physicians and other medical professionals are adapting.

Patients are having discussions online and it is vital for Physicians to have voices that guide these discussions. They are also looking for Physicians online and it is urgent that medical professionals manage their images to portray the professionalism and expertise of the practices that they’ve worked so hard to build.

2) The government has provided us the opportunity to keep more of our money legally.

Unless the government is a charity, there is no reason to pay them money that could be put to use in an actual charity or in improving your own medical practice. It is your responsibility to keep your dollars working and serving in your community by all legal means.

To discuss these topics and more, please join me:

Twitter @CaptiveMedical and on Facebook: Http://Facebook.com/CaptiveMedicalSolutions

We look forward to partnering with you in your success!

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