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Social Media is a business strategy, not just a marketing tool

      “Physicians should be active in social media because Humanization leads to Trust; Trust leads to Communication; Communication leads to Information Sharing, and Information Sharing leads to better care.”

 42% of patients said they have used Social Media to search reviews of health treatments or physicians

40% said health information on social media sites would affect how they manage a chronic condition

   “Physicians may have a moral obligation to become involved in social media.”

                            “Adding “yourself” to your social media message can make you a more authentic source of trusted information”

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As a medical professional you may still be wondering:   “Why do I need social media and how does it relate to my practice?

You may be in the vast majority that knows your patients are on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms but you’re wondering:     “How do I connect with my patients, protect patient privacy, remain HIPPA compliant, and improve my patient’s experience?

Finally, you may want to know:

   “How do I connect with other physicians to build relationships and increase my referral partnerships?

Step 1) Contact us to schedule a complimentary Social Media Consultation

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- Never Tweeted? No Face on Facebook? Need an Updated Online Presence ?

JOIN the Discussion with Patients

CONNECT to Build your Referral Network

See RESULTS from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and YouTube

We can get you on all of the major platforms, educate you on the basics and how to manage the time it takes to effectively engage and build relationships. We also specialize in managing your accounts using professional tools and experience in the medical field so that you build the voice you deserve.

Get Started here with a FREE analysis of your Social Media Presence.

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