Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis. What the Doctor down the street can’t tell you!

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Exciting News for Physicians who diagnose DPN

There is a new way to diagnose DPN, NCStat DPN-Check, for primary care physicians, Nephrologists, and any other physician diagnosing and treating potentially painful and debilitating diabetic peripheral neuropathy. For decades, the standard of care has been to use a simple monofilament run along the bottom of the foot. That works just fine to catch DPN in it’s later stages when onset has already occurred and the patient is already losing sensation.

What if you could catch DPN in it’s earliest stages? Could you begin treatment sooner? Would your patients appreciate that you took the time to invest in a simple device that gives you more quantitative data, supports your diagnosis, and allows your patient to be proactively managed?

For patients with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy is a given. My own mother suffered from the condition and in her later years experienced several falls partially due to loss of sensation in her feet which further deteriorated her condition and reduced her quality of life.

Why Change your DPN Diagnosis Algorithm:

- SIMPLE to use. Anyone in your office can be trained to do this test in under 2 minutes!

- COMPLEMENTARY to the traditional monofilament test.

- PROVIDES fast and quantitative results to support your diagnosis.

- INEXPENSIVE – the device and supplies allow you to offer an affordable test for early diagnosis of DPN

- COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – Early diagnosis lets you offer early treatment for the highest quality of care.

Ready for a DEMO on-site?

Captive Medical Solutions is not affiliated with Neurometrix, but there are some great people over there that I am more than happy to refer you to.


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