See if Your Property Qualifies to Raise Your Income

Medical Properties/ Commercial Properties

May Qualify You for Substantial Cash!

Recent Tax law changes have resulted in owners of commercial property of all types. This includes private medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

If you purchased your commercial property or completed substantial improvements after 1986 then you will want to contact us right away for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment to determine if you will receive this tremendous opportunity.

Not Every Owner Qualifies

Those that do Get Very Excited!

Why hasn’t my CPA told me about this?

– This change is recommended by CPA associations. However, many CPA’s don’t know how to get the right experts involved. We have partnered with the leading and oldest firm guiding commercial property owners and CPA’s.

Does it Mean a Lot of Extra Work for Me?

– NO!!! You answer a few simple questions. It’s all on one page and we’ll help you fill it out. Usually, it takes us about ten minutes for the info to do the analysis.

Do I have to amend tax returns?

– NO!!! We said this is simple and amending your returns isn’t simple, is it? You will begin to receive additional deductions to keep cash in your pocket this year and next year and so on.

Simple no-cost analysis.

Don’t miss out on what may be Hundreds of Thousands in your pocket!

Absolutely no obligation, but you want to know how much of your money you get to keep, right?

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