3 Things you will need to have to Prepare for Meaningful Use Audits

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A congressional requirement under the 2009 federal stimulus package requires post-payment auditing of hospitals and eligible professionals who successfully claimed meaningful use. If your practice or hospital obtained a bonus from Medicaid or Medicare then you may be receiving a letter of audit if you haven’t already. If you are found ineligible for an EHR incentive after an audit then you will be asked to return the payment. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s. To find out the three things you must have to be prepared for audit, go to this Meaningful Use EMR article from the AMA.

Hint: A huge percentage of healthcare providers are not ready because their older EMR did not meet all of the requirements. While Captive Medical Solutions does not focus on EMR implementation, we’ve partnered with people who do. If you find your system doesn’t meet meaningful use requirements or just want to double check, fill out the form below with “Meaningful Use Concern” in the Subject and I’ll be happy to have them contact with you for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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