7 Places for Doctors to Post Videos

Video is integral in marketing and providing value to a physician’s current and prospective patients. It offers the ability for patients to develop a relationship and trust in your expertise as a healthcare adviser before and after they step foot in your office. Every day, it seems that there are new places that offer you the opportunity to deliver your message and relate with your patients through video. Below we’ll cover a few of the staple sites that are likely to give you the most bang for your buck.

Video Camera for Doctors

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Whether you want to establish yourself as a thought leader or just extend the reach of your medical knowledge to the patients who will benefit, video is for you! Be sure to comment below with where you’re having success with video.

1) YouTube

Obviously, YouTube is first and foremost when it comes to importance for video marketing. Remember, Google owns YouTube and these videos are favored when someone searches for a specific topic. For instance, lets say a patient searches “Cardiologist Chicago”.  A smart physician has uploaded a video introducing what a patient can expect when seeing a Cardiologist in Chicago. The video should show high in the search results page and that Cardiologist is more likely to get the patient.

2) Google +

You do have one, right? If you’re like most physicians, you have one and don’t know that Google made it for you and it’s busy confusing your patients who can’t understand how any business could not have correct info on Google! As a professional business, you need to learn How to set up a Google + Presence. Posting videos on G+ does all kinds of things to get your message in front of existing and prospective patients which we’ll cover in another post.

3) Facebook

There are a few medical practices that are killing it with Facebook. If you are a primary care office and wondering where your patients are going, you simply need to figure out which of the Doc in a Box clinics is engaging with your patients and driving those patients out of your doors and in to theirs. Similar to Google +, a public post on your Facebook page can rank in search enginges like Google. Posting videos is great because they rank highly in Facebook’s algorithm (EdgeRank) for which content will show up to those who “like” your page. Another great feature is that you can create a “Videos” tab on your professional Facebook page where you can direct patients to find answers to common questions.

4) Your Own Web Site

Patients may come to your site for info and video gives you the opportunity to form a connection with the patient. One of the easiest ways is to post the video to YouTube and then embed the link on to the site for your practice. This also can signal to YouTube that your video is more important because it was valuable enough to be embedded on another site.

5) Vimeo

This is like YouTube. It is simple to upload to Vimeo right after you get your video on YouTube.

HINT: There are tools that enable you to upload your videos to multiple sites at once!

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6) VideoMD

A newer site that is specifically targeted at getting Doctors to add video on specific topics that patients may search.

7) Everywhere you comment on the web. 

If you go to a site like HealthTap.com  or Yahoo Answers and comment on a question, then put a link to your video on the topic. You may find that the moderators of the site will strip your link, but if it is good and relevant content that adds value, this is unlikely and it will help you to be found online by patients seeking your services.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Have a great place to post videos that you’d like to add to the list? Post a Comment Below!

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